The Kardashian kuties who could become bigger stars than their parents – from ‘Kim’s twin’ North to Kylie’s daughter

WITH the news that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is to be no more, we might just have to look to the next generation of the showbiz dynasty for the the tears and tantrums that we’ve become accustomed to.

So, which of the Kid-ashians can we expect the most drama from? Who is the next beauty mogul or top model? Who is grand-momager Kris Jenner going to invest most of her time on?

We rate the star power of the ‘next-gen’ Kuties…

Mason Dash Disick – age 10

Born: December 14, 2009

Parents: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

The oldest of the Kardashian clan, Mason has the most air-time in the bag already, first appearing in the season 4 finale and being a regular since.

Like all the Kardashian kids he loves a party and has had everything from Thomas the Tank to Wild West themes and celebrated his 9th birthday with an epic Fortnite extravaganza – complete with live Dj, huge dance floor and giant screens to play the video games – no one is sure of the exact cost but estimates are that it was at least $100,000 (£76990).

His love of style (granny Kris reportedly paid $3000 – £2309 -for a rather over-the-top Versace puffer jacket for his 9th birthday), and super cute features means he’s already picking up quite the fan base, with a recent picture of his shaved head getting almost three million likes on mum Kourney’s Insta page.

He even secretly set up his own Instagram account (quickly deleted by his parents) in which he spilled the beans on his own family and dished out some home truths about fellow social media stars – fans called out for Kris Jenner to get him his own show immediately. Seems he’s already hungry for fame and drama.

Likely career: Youtube star or fashion designer

Kardashian Star Power: 8/10

Penelope Scotland Disick – age 8

Born: July 8, 2012

Parents: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Penelope, or ‘P’ as she’s known, has been a TV star from the second she was born – when mum Kourtney pulled her out during labour with her own two hands – all while being filmed for the show.

P has formed a strong bond with cousin North, they love playing together, being photographed together and even sharing birthday parties.

The cute pair celebrated with an extravagant mermaid-themed shindig in June 2016. The party included the whole family and guests dressing up in shimmery tails at a gorgeous pool-side venue with themed cakes, banners, balloons and even edible starfish jellies.

Although the final cost is a mystery, the party planner alone charges around $50,000 (£3,8495)! The birthday girls looked adorable posing in pictures together and we can see a nice little spin-off show for these two in the future.

Penelope, whose middle name references Kourtney's Scottish ancestry, seems to be following her mum’s love of all things health and fitness, as well as Kourney’s laidback and boyish style (she’s a tracks and trainers girl), and her mother hen nature towards the other kids.

Likely career: Yoga teacher or life coach

Kardashian star power: 7/10

North ‘Nori’ West – age 7

Born: June 15, 2013

Parents: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Feisty yet comic and adorable, North West is the mini-queen of the Kardashian clan, being called ‘Kim’s twin’ by dad Kanye.

She has all her mum and dad’s style and sass…and then some, standing her in good stead to be the leader of the reality TV pack.

North also isn’t afraid of being in front of the camera – posing with any member of the family (senior or junior) or on stage – rapping at Dad’s Paris fashion show.

She is often seen mimicking Kim’s style on the red carpet, from their matching sparkly Vetements dresses (Kim’s version cost $11,000- £8,468) to casually sporting a $955 (£735) Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag or a $2,000 (£1,539) Fendi crossbody.

When it comes to parties – a joint unicorn themed celebration with cousin ‘P’ in June 2018 included ponies with unicorn horns, music by their favourite teen Dj and internet sensation DJ Livia, a decadent dessert bar with everything from donuts to candy floss, rainbow pool floats, floral garlands and a Maypole.

Another party that made headlines was her mini-festival Kid-Chella in 2014 – complete with ferris wheel and live music, the total cost of either party has ever been declared but is likely to be anything up to $450,000 (£346,457).

Likely career: Fashion designer or singer

Kardashian star power: 9/10

Reign Aston Disick – age 5

Born: December 14, 2014

Parents: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

The youngest of Kourtney and Scott’s kids has probably seen less of the limelight than the other two, and also appears less on their social media platforms.

The little glimpses we do get shows an adorable hippy-haired boy who loves the outdoors and playing with his siblings.

Probably the quieter of the Kardashian kids his desire and suitability to be on TV may not be all that, we think he would prefer to play with real cute animals than get mixed up in the jungle of showbiz.

Which would explain his choice of a Tarzan-themed joint-party with cousin Saint. Kim Kardashian's house was transformed into a jungle complete with real monkeys and matching Tarzan-themed cakes.

Although his style is much less in-your-face than his older brother, he’s been seen sporting $160 (£123) Gucci sliders on a casual play date.

Likely career: Surfer or dog whisperer

Kardashian star power: 6/10

Saint West – age 4

Born: December 5, 2015

Parents: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

If North is ‘Kim’s twin’ then Saint West is definitely a mini version of his dad, Kanye.

The fashion and music loving youngster pulls off his dad’s ‘sports chic’ style as if it was made for him – well rumour has it that he was the inspiration for mum and dad’s Kids Supply range – with items costing between $20 (£15) and $250 (£192) but selling for thousands on eBay and the like.

In the rare pictures and TV footage we get to see of Saint he doesn’t look super comfortable in the limelight, so he may not be at the top of Kris Jenner’s money-making plans when it comes to a brand new family show.

One of the places he does seem comfortable though-is surrounded by family at his joint birthday parties with cousin Reign.

His biggest celebration to date was a Monster’s Inc meets festive season party where guests were greeted with fake snow, sleds, Santa Claus and a huge ice skating rink at Kourtney's house – estimated costs were in the hundred thousands.

Likely career: Record producer or designer

Kardashian star power: 7/10

Dream Renée Kardashian – age 3

Born: November 10, 2016

Parents: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Stunning little Dream, much like dad Rob, might not have racked up as many TV hours as her cousins but her pregnancy was big news on mum and dad’s reality TV show Rob & Chyna.

Unfortunately the show ended after one series as the couple’s relationship soured so we didn’t see much of the little one, but personality-packed Dream always has smiles and loves a bit of acting for the camera on Instagram.

The other things she loves is a Gucci dress – seen sporting a variety of styles that cost between $300 (£230) and $2000 (£1,539).

And not to be outdone by the extended family, mum Blac threw Dream a huge princess-themed third birthday party inviting all the cousins and parents.

Auntie Kylie stole the day, surprising the little cherub with a helicopter ride.

Dream comes with strong celebrity credentials of her own, as well as a famous mum and pops, her half-brother is King Cairo, Chyna’s son from a relationship with rapper Tyga (Kylie Jenner’s ex) – could we see a drama-filled spin-off show there?

Likely career: Actress or model

Kardashian star power: 8/10

Chicago West – age 2

Born: January 15, 2018

Parents: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The first of the Kardashian-West kids to be born via surrogate, Chicago or Chi as she’s known, loves posing for pictures with big sister North, dressing up like a ‘princess every day’ with mummy Kim, playing with her ‘best mate’ little brother Psalm or hanging out with favourite cousin Reign.

More chilled out than the older two, Chi is the intelligent thinker of the family and can also come across a little shy.

She made headlines earlier this year when she fell from a high chair and had to have stitches on her face and was left with a scar on her chin.

She may not have the style kudos of her older sister just yet but she looks great in expensive items – even simply wrapped in her pink and white Hermes flannel costing hundreds of dollars.

Like her siblings, she’s enjoyed some super-style parties including her first birthday Alice in "One-derland" themed jaunt.

Kim's house was decorated with real roses and Queen of Hearts inspired decor, actors dressed as Alice, the Queen, and the Mad Hatter kept guests entertained as did a giant bouncy castle in the backyard.

Chicago looked adorable in an oriental white dress teams with tiny Dr. Martin boots.

Likely career: Lawyer or doctor

Kardashian star power: 6/10

Stormi Webster – age 2

Born: February 1, 2018

Parents: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

As one of the most famous people in the world, billionaire Kylie Jenner did an incredible job of keeping her pregnancy a secret right up until her baby girl was born.

She did of course apologise to fans for not letting them in on the intimate journey with her and has made up by sharing pics of the toddler no-stop since.

Gorgeous little Stormi shares her mum’s love of posing in front of the mirror but prefers a more boyish fashion style than her bodycon loving mummy, sharing a love of sneakers with dad and superstar rapper Travis Scott (real name Jacques Webster).

With music in the blood and a penchant for streetwear could a career in Hip Hop be on the cards?

Likely career: Rapper or sports shoe designer

Kardashian star power: 10/10

True Thompson – age 2

Born: April 12, 2018

Parents: Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Providing us with more drama and excitement over the years than any of the Kardashian sisters, it was no surprise that baby True was born amidst controversy.

After falling pregnant after years of fertility issues, Khloe gave birth amidst rumours that basketball player Tristan Thompson had been cheating on her – the couple went on to split.

With True taking on her parents height and athleticism she would be a natural sports star but she could also give auntie Kylie a run for her money in the make-up business.

The little cutie is already trying her hand at wearing lipstick and she knows how to pick a good red!

Likely career: Beauty mogul or sports star

Kardashian star power: 8/10

Psalm West – age 1

Born: May 10, 2019

Parents: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

Last, but not least, is the youngest of the lot – tiny Psalm. Although still so little he could get lost in the menagerie of Kardashians, he’s a little fighter that loves to squeeze into all the family pics, follow the other kids around and has been described as the ‘happiest baby alive’ by mum Kim. 

Maybe he’ll be an easy one for Kris Jenner to sign up to a family reality TV show – if everyone else is doing it.

Kim also believes that he is the reincarnation of her late father, Robert Kardashian Snr – who was famously OJ Simpson’s defence lawyer – we’re not sure we can see the resemblance. 

Likely career: Lawyer or psychic 

Kardashian star power: 8/10

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