There’s a mouse hiding among the squirrels in this image, but how quickly can you spot it?

FIRST he asked you to spot the panda, then he challenged you to find the goldfish, and now the master of puzzles is back with another fiendishly tricky brainteaser.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, who often shares puzzles on his blog and in his books, is asking fans to spot the mouse hiding among the squirrels in this scene.

The image features dozens of the bushy tailed rodents all crowded together making it very difficult to pick out the imposter.

And with all the animals a similar shade of brown only eagle eyed players will be able to seek out the cheeky mouse.

Fans of the artist say it took them a minute on average to find the mouse, but can you do it any faster?

Still struggling? Scroll down for the reveal – but no cheating!

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