There's No Mother-Daughter Drag Duo as Fab as Alexis Michelle and Jan Sport

For this week’s episode of Cosmo Queens, we have blessed you yet again with another ~iconique~ family from the drag community. Do the names Alexis Michelle and Jan Sport sound familiar to you? Yeah, we know they do, because you have to be literally living under a rock to not know who these magical beings are!

Alexis and Jan—the cutest mother and daughter duo to ever be—worked with us to show you guys some of their most infamous glam lewks to date. I suggest getting comfy at your vanity with your makeup prepared because you’re gonna wanna try and recreate these looks!

Going in with the classic glue-the-brows step, Alexis kicked off the video with her face. Once her real eyebrows had disappeared, she buffed on some full-coverage foundation, concealer, and powder. She then feathered on her sleek faux brows before she dove right into the eyes—brushing on a warm brown shadow to her brow bone for some lift. And after, she decided to add the rest of her face products, like: bronzer, baking powder, and highlight.

Now Jan went with a totally different vibe, and if you’re really big on experimenting, you’ll be all over her look. When I say she transformed herself into a purple queen, I mean she transformed herself into a purple queen. She applied purple foundation, drew on purple brows, and even purple contour using eyeshadows. And to deepen the cheek snatch, she used a black pigment. Absolutely genius!

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