"These are the 3 fashion rules I now break because of TikTok"

Written by Naomi May

TikTok told me not to wear it – so I did. And this is what happened.

In the pantheon of trends, very few places can spread a new one as prolifically as TikTok. From opera gloves and Barbie bags to teeny-tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-them Ugg boots, the video-sharing app has become a hotbed of fashion trends.

But in among the daily trickle of new trends, you’ll also find a stream of videos imploring viewers to follow a set of fashion rules for what not to wear. The three main offenders are pink and red, a colour combination which, if Jacquemus is to be believed, is destined for stardom; double denim, another catwalk-approved duet; and socks and sandals, which sadly are stomping their way back to the fashion forefront.

But being told not to wear something has never really made anybody not wear it, has it? As I swam through a sea of TikTok videos urging me to avoid pink and red, and to absolutely not embrace socks and sandals, I decided that TikTok’s fashion rules no longer applied to me and that I’d actively seek out what it was telling me to avoid just to see how offensive they really were. It turns out they were quite the opposite.

Pink and red

According to the spring/summer collections, pink and red as a colour combination is big news.

TikTok might hate these two berry-bright shades when worn together, but this two-piece ensemble, which comprises a Tommy Hilfiger cardigan and Serena Bute trousers, is a duet that sings. There are plenty of users on the app endorsing the unlikely colour combination’s return, most notably @liv.ishak, whose colour-blocking pink and red video offers just a teaser of inspiration for anybody looking to dip their toe into the trend. 

Double denim

Double denim is set to be one of this year’s break-out trends.

Your 00s self might be shaking at the thought of doing a Justin and Britney on a daily basis, but double denim is back in a big way (despite several TikTok users denouncing its return). This Damson Madder denim duo is a no-brainer for the denimphobes among us (of which, I am admittedly one). TikTok user @rissapona is one of the converted and makes the case for pairing a boxy denim jacket with equally square-shaped jeans in the same tonal wash. It’s a yes from us.  

Socks and sandals

Socks and sandals are one of the so-wrong-it’s-right trends that TikTok is loving.

One of the most hotly debated trends that TikTok is seemingly divided on is sandals – worn with socks. There are a few caveats to this one, though, that are necessary to avoid looking like you’re copying the man in your life. The key lies in embracing ever-so-slightly platformed sandals as the shoe – these larger-than-life leopard numbers are Nodaleto – and ever-so-slightly kitsch socks to really lean into the #Kidcore vibe of the trend. TikTok user @sierrasky is one such creator purveying the controversial duo on the app. So wrong that it’s right.

Images: courtesy of writer.

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