These Comfy New Crocs Slides Got Over 80,000 Likes on TikTok – and They're Already Selling Out

Crocs are synonymous with comfort, so it's no wonder why celebs like Ariana Grande, Kate Middleton, and Justin Bieber have added the foamy shoes to their rotation of on-the-go options. The brand might be most famous for its trademark clogs, but one of its newest styles may soon become the shoe of the summer. 

Crocs Two-Strap Slide Sandals only came out a few weeks ago, but they're already selling out. That's thanks in part to TikTok, where user @nataliatrzs showed off a pair of the sandals in black in a video that garnered over 80,000 likes and over 800,000 views. In a response to a comment, the original poster said that the shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Other commenters noted how similar the Crocs look to Birkenstock's Arizona sandals — and how they're just a fraction of the price.

Buy It! Crocs Unisex Adult Classic Two-Strap Slide Sandals in Black, $31.36–$46.99;

Like classic Crocs slides, these two-strap sandals have holes for inserting Jibbitz shoe charms, so there's plenty of room for customization. Currently, they come in five colors: black, white, lime green, hot pink, and bright blue. They're made with the same kind of foam-like material as typical Crocs clogs, so they're totally waterproof and easy to wash; all you have to do is give them a good rinse. 

Though the two-strap slides have yet to receive a ton of reviews on Amazon (after all, they're still fairly new), early shoppers are pleased with their purchases. "I'm not a sandals kind of girl and haven't worn any since I was a child, but these changed my mind," wrote one reviewer on Crocs's website. "They have good arch support for a sandal and the width is good for my kind of wide feet. The material is cushion-y and stretchy for added comfort."

Buy It! Crocs Unisex Adult Classic Two-Strap Slide Sandals in White, $31.36–$46.99;

"I bought these a few weeks ago from a Crocs store. I've been wearing them daily ever since. They are so comfy and I get compliments on them all the time," another reviewer added.

Even though they're new, these slides are already flying off virtual shelves. On both the Crocs website and Amazon, several sizes and colors have already sold out, so it's best to add them to your cart sooner rather than later. If the ones you were eyeing are already gone and you don't want to wait for a restock, consider similar styles, like the Monterey Strappy Wedge Sandals or the Classic Slide Sandals.

If you're looking for a summer shoe for outdoor adventures, Crocs's two-strap slides are ready for them. Shop at Amazon below.

Buy It! Crocs Unisex Adult Classic Two-Strap Slide Sandals in Electric Pink, $31.36–$46.99;

Buy It! Crocs Unisex Adult Classic Two-Strap Slide Sandals in Lime Zest, $31.36–$46.99;

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