This Thermal Fleece Top Keeps Shoppers ‘So Warm’ While Running in 25-Degree Weather — and It’s Just $33

When snow, sleet, and freezing rain try to deter you from your morning run, throwing on comfortable and moisture-wicking  workout clothes is the best way to deal with a wintery situation. It's just the encouragement you'll need to get from sitting on the couch to reaping the benefits of running — all while feeling warm enough to make you want to go the extra mile. As it turns out, the Baleaf Thermal Fleece Half Zip Running Top is a pullover Amazon shoppers continue to buy in bulk, and it's selling fast with winter storms swirling in the north and midwest.  

Ideal for a base or mid-layer top, this $33 thermal long sleeve shirt has a flattering, figure-hugging fit and a soft fleece material on the inside that reviewers swear has kept them "so warm" while hiking, cycling, and even running a 50k race in 25-degree weather. Athletic shoppers love the quality and fit so much that the top has over 1,200 five-star ratings and nearly 500 positive reviews, enough attention to land it a spot as the second top best-selling running jacket on Amazon's list.  

Buy It! Baleaf Thermal Fleece Half Zip Running Top, $32.99–$33.99; 

"I bought it for running in cooler weather and loved it so much that I ended up buying another one in a different color," said one Amazon reviewer. "Keeps you warm and comfortable, doesn't ride up when you run. It looks pretty also. I love the feel and the look of the material."

Although it has a "soft and pleasant" lining, the fleece jacket also has the key ability to wick away sweat. Avid runners tend to avoid running in sweat tops because they can cause overheating, unwanted chafing, and just overall discomfort, which is the last thing you want to deal with while getting active outdoors. One shopper who was on the lookout for winter workout clothes with moisture-wicking features called this Baleaf top "perfect" for keeping her warm during early morning runs. 

"I love that it kept the sweat away from my body so that even towards the end of my run I was still comfortably warm (no sweat chill)!" she said. "All in all, a great buy."

In lieu of a scarf, this running top keeps your neck warm with a high-collar design. However, it also has a functional half-zip detail in the front that can provide some much-needed relief after your body is warmed up post-sprint. Because of its versatility, shoppers say the Baleaf fleece top is "an amazing layering top" and is "perfect for chilly outdoor activity!"

"I absolutely LOVE these Baleaf long-sleeved fleece pullovers — I've bought three now!" said another reviewer. "It has been a chilly, damp winter, and the fleece lining, zip collar, and thumbholes help keep you warm until you warm up from activity, and even then I usually don't get too warm where I have to take it off before I get back home." 

Shoppers also adore the kangaroo-style pocket that can be used to keep your hands warm or store your cell phone, keys, and wallet. And because the pocket has zippers on each end, all your belongings will remain secure throughout your workout. 

Ready to hit the pavement and feel comfortable while doing it? The $33 Baleaf fleece top is available in nine colorful options, but they're selling out fast! Shop them now while they're still in stock.  

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