Tom Hanks Unveiled His Bald Head ‘Transformation’ for a New Movie

Tom Hanks, beloved by all, has always been a versatile actor, but his latest transformation for an upcoming movie role doesn’t look quite right. To Tom, anyway.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show over the festive period, the Toy Story favourite teased a bold new look as he continues filming for Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis Presley biopic.

“I am working on Baz Luhrmann’s movie about Elvis Presley,” Hanks said, setting the scene. “Austin Butler’s playing Elvis Presley.”

Hanks, who’s playing Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker in the appropriately-named Elvis, then stood up to take off his baseball cap. “Let me show you the horrible haircut I have to have in order to portray Colonel Tom Parker,” he continued, before revealing his hair.

Or the distinct lack of it.

“Can you see that? Look at that thing!” he joked to the camera, adding that his bald head is “scaring the children.” “What I really want to do is just have a little tuft of hair right here and then a big beard and then everybody will think I’m Graham Norton,” he added.

As well as Netflix’s Western drama News of the World, Hanks recently appeared in the Borat sequel, but unlike much of the movie’s cast, he was in on the joke.

Explaining how the cameo came about, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm‘s director Jason Woliner recently said that it all started when someone pitched the idea of Sacha Baron Cohen’s character infecting Hanks with coronavirus.

“We weren’t going to try to hoodwink Tom Hanks, obviously – America’s favorite person! So Sacha just emailed him and asked him if he was up for it,” Woliner revealed. “And he said yes. That was actually the very last thing we shot.”

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