Transform Yourself Into a Princess For Halloween With the Help of These Makeup Tutorials

Disney Princess Mulan Makeup Tutorial

Deciding who or what to dress up as for Halloween is not easy. There are so many great classics, plus each year brings new pop culture moments to choose from. If you’re even the least bit indecisive, like me, it can take ages to commit to one idea. That’s why Disney princess costumes are always a good option.

Dressing up as your favorite Disney princess for Halloween this year just makes sense for multiple reasons: there are plenty of characters to choose from, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and you can transform your entire look with some makeup and a wig. Whether you go with an old favorite, like Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, or Ariel, or decide on a newer princess, like Moana, Tiana, or Elsa, there are plenty of makeup tutorials on YouTube to help guide you through the entire process.

Keep scrolling to check out the best Disney princess makeup tutorials for Halloween, below.

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