Traveller bride devastated after groom cheats on her three days before the wedding with the stripper from his stag do

A TRAVELLER bride was left devastated when she discovered that her groom had cheated on her three days before their wedding – with the stripper from his stag do.

Courtney, 18, was set to marry fiance Danny in a double wedding with his cousin Lottie, 21 and her man Lee.

Speaking on TLC’s Gypsy Bride’s US, she said: “From the first day, we’ve been in love and we’ve been inseparable.”

Best friends Courtney and Lottie had planned out every finite detail for their big day, right down to the monster trucks taking them to the venue.

But things begin to take a sour turn when Danny is released from prison ahead of the big day.

While Courtney is eager to prepare for their upcoming nuptials, not everyone is looking forward to it.

Danny explains: “My mom ain't so pleased about the wedding because she doesn’t think Courtney is the right one for me.”

Danny’s mum Gail has had three months to work out how to sabotage a wedding and she’s come up with a plan.

She organises Danny a bachelor party in a strip club, knowing full well that Courtney “will not like it.”

The following morning it emerges that Danny has spent the night with stripper Mindy, and Gail is quick to spread the word that her son has strayed.

Devastated, Courtney attempts to patch things up with Danny, but her bff Lottie thinks this isn’t wise.

“Danny is my cousin and I love Danny dearly, but what he did to her, I don’t think she should marry him,” she says.

Meanwhile Danny and Courtney’s family feud descends into full blown chaos as the two families break out into a physical confrontation.

Courtney says: “It didn’t help, them getting into a fight, because now it’s like a full on war – Danny’s family against my family

“It’s the worst thing that could have happened this close to the wedding.

“And then the cops arrest me for disturbing the peace.

“I was screaming for Danny and when he started walking away I felt like my whole world was ending, like oh my goodness he’s really not going to help.”

The incident sees the double wedding called off.

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