Tricky festive brainteaser challenges you to name all eight stars based on their Christmas tree in five minutes

TIER 3 left your twiddling your thumbs this weekend? Well we’ve got just the thing to keep you entertained.

A tricky new brainteaser is challenging music fans to guess the musician based on their Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree retailer Hayes Garden World is calling music-fans to name all eight artists and complete the puzzle in under 5 minutes – are you up for the challenge? 

Each festive scene is sprinkled with hints and tips about the owner of the tree – whether that’s with specially selected baubles or tailor-made tinsel.

While some will be obvious, others will leave even true music aficionados scratching their heads.

Reckon you can beat the five minute record? Scroll down for the answers – but no cheating!


  • Image No 1: Beyonce
  • Image No 2:Billie Eilish
  • Image No 3: Ariana Grande
  • Image No 4: Kanye West
  • Image No 5: Harry Styles
  • Image No 6: Bruce Springsteen
  • Image No 7: Elton John
  • Image No 8: Little Mix


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