Want to Mix Up Your At-Home Workout? Try This Steel Mace Flow.

By now, you likely have a rhythm and schedule established for getting in your training sessions at home. But if you’re bored with your current routine and looking to switch things up to include more mobility and stability movements, it may be time to take up training with a steel mace.

Onnit Steel Mace




Fitness brand Onnit posted a tantalizing training video of @MaceMovement, a.k.a. Leo Savage, doing a steel mace flow workout that you should try.

New to what training with a steel mace does? Let us explain.

A steel mace is essentially a long metal staff with a heavy metal ball at the end. The implement has an uneven weight distribution, making it harder to wield and control. As a result, using the mace takes any movement, like your lunge or squat, and makes it exponentially harder by adding that unbalanced resistance.

Trying to emulate this workout is a great place to start.

Steel Mace Flow with @MaceMovement 🕺
-⁠#onnit #getonnit #allyou #steelmaceflow #steelmace pic.twitter.com/EzxB7YPrpW

“There’s a lot of twirling in this mace flow, all of which challenges elbow and forearm musculature more than you think. But the key move in here is the single-arm mace halo, when the trainer raises the mace and rotates his forearm around his head,” says Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. “This is a great chance to build shoulder stability in all planes, with the tip of the mace subjecting your shoulder to new demands from every angle. Focus on being slow and controlled here, and focus on keeping you ribcage tight as you do this (abs contracted!)”

Don’t have a steel mace? That’s okay, you have a couple other options.

“A mace is the ideal tool for this, but an Indian club could work too. So could a baseball bat,” says Samuel. “It won’t provide quite the same challenge as a mace, but it’s similar in that it’s not evenly weighted, which is key to creating the changing demands on shoulder stability throughout each movement.”

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