Watch This Woman React to Seeing Her Boyfriend With a Shaved Head for the First Time

Hair loss affects lots of guys, and can have a huge impact on confidence and self-esteem. While there are ways to cut and style hair to create more volume and help to conceal thinning spots or receding hairlines, some men choose to simply take the plunge and shave their heads—like Thomas.

After struggling with thinning hair for years, and having tried all kinds of medications and hair systems, Thomas decided enough was enough one day, and shaved his head. “Everything bottled up to a point of me just going ‘this is too much,'” he said. “I’d just had enough by that point.”

His girlfriend Nyree was surprised by his transformation when she got home from work that day, but as she explains in a recent interview with Harry James on the Baldcafe channel, she had partially been expecting it to happen for some time, especially following a once-in-a-lifetime skydiving experience which Thomas was unable to enjoy because he was so worried about his hair system coming off mid-air.

“I think when we went skydiving, that was the day that I realized that it was a lot more of a big deal than he was letting out initially,” she says. “We had spoken throughout our relationship about the fact that there was some thinning going on and things like that, and he mentioned that eventually he would shave his head. But he always sort of said, ‘when I’m in my thirties,’ or ‘when we have children,’ things like that.”

“I felt like over the last couple of months, those conversations crept up a lot more often,” she continues, “and then a couple of weeks ago he said ‘I’m going to do it.’ And I thought, ‘I don’t know if you’ll actually do it just yet,’ because I’d heard it for a while. And then that day he messaged me, he was having the worst hair day… I got a message, ‘I’m doing it today.'”

Nyree says that while nothing would affect the way she feels about Thomas, as his personality is what she loves the most, she adds that the upturn in his confidence has made a noticeable difference.

“I feel like I do find you more attractive,” she tells him, “but it’s not so much a physical sense. I think it’s literally a confidence thing, because I know how much courage it took to actually go to that next stage and just remove everything.”

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