Watch Will Smith Struggle to Flip a Tractor Tire in a New Workout Video

As exercises go, the tire flip may not seem like it should require much explanation: Squat, lift, push, and watch as it topples over in front of you with a satisfying flop. Repeat. Simple, right? In reality, things don’t always tend to go that smoothly—especially for beginners, as Will Smith seems to have learned in a recent workout session.

A new video shared to Smith’s Instagram account amidst the actor’s ongoing weight loss transformation challenge shows the Fresh Prince star back in the gym and waving off the sound advice of his trainer—”Make sure you get into a good position!”—as he struts confidently towards a massive tractor tire. “It’s just a tire,” Smith says, dismissively. “It’s just a tire.”

As Smith attempts to perform his first flip, however, that confidence quickly transitions into consternation (and, um, flatulence), as a series of captions above his head display a monologue relatable to any novice who has attempted the foundational exercise without training: “Oh boy.” “Help.” “It’s not that heavy.” “Can I give up?” Finally, he declares, “It’s bolted to the floor.”

In the post’s caption, Smith joked, “The wheels on the bus stay down down down.” As a final insult to injury near the conclusion of the clip, Smith’s trainer tags himself in and, naturally, flips it over without breaking a sweat. Even Smith can’t hide his admiration in the moment: “Yeah, that’s strong,” he says, with a laugh.

Joking aside, there’s actually yet another great lesson here for men of all ages looking to shake things up in the gym. As personal trainer Trevor Thieme, C.S.C.S., told Men’s Health earlier this year, tire training is a functional and unquestionably badass way to build muscle and inject some variety into your routine.

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Much like back squats, however, the key, however, is to start small and learn proper form, and then work your way up to Instagram-worthy gold. For starters, as Smith continues to experiment with new ways of building lean muscle in his fifties, he’d do well to try a smaller, lighter tire next time.

And if tire flipping isn’t your thing, you have plenty of other options, too, when it comes to the CrossFit box staple: The surprisingly versatile hunk of rubber lends itself to box jumps, sledgehammer training, and many other exercises that’ll kick your ass—provided, of course, it isn’t bolted to the floor.

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