WATCH: YouTube Sensation Emma Chamberlain Shows Us How to Style White Sneakers 3 Ways

Emma Chamberlain is one of the most influential voices in Gen Z fashion — she single-handedly convinced the Internet that once-trendy flared yoga pants are in fact cool again (and superior to leggings) last year — so when she gives out fashion advice, we listen.

In a new episode of PEOPLE's How It's Done video series, the YouTube sensation is doing exactly that. Chamberlain, who stars in PacSun's spring 2021 campaign, shares three ways to style Reebok White & Pink Club C85 sneakers ($75;

For her first look, the influencer chose a plain white tank, a matching sweat set embossed with a rainbow and a Care Bear and colorful accessories. "I believe that wearing sweatpants in public is one of the best feelings on this planet," she says in the clip. "I do everything in my power to make sweatpants look cool, so I can wear them in public as often as possible."

"I look so fun right now!" she adds.

Next, Chamberlain changes into a collared button down, an argyle cardigan and black corduroys — her take on an elevated work outfit.

"The sneakers are like a cute little sporty addition. Because my outfit is kind of classy, I don't seem too casual," she explains, joking, "I don't make the rules. I just follow them."

For her third and final look, the YouTuber reveals how she would style her Reeboks for a night out. "We're wearing some kind of mom jean…We have a cute little sweater that kind of goes with the creamy tones of the shoe, with a leather jacket to kind of edge it up."

"At night, you kind of want to look a little more badass," she says. "You're out on the town. There's no better way to do it than a good ol' vintage leather jacket."

"You can really do anything with a good pair of white sneakers. That's what I've learned over time. They'll never do you wrong," Chamberlain concludes.

The new PacSun campaign, unveiled on Feb. 17, is inspired by the idea of self-reflection and setting intentions for 2021. It sees Chamberlain, along with a diverse cast of young models, sporting pieces from the spring 2021 collection, including indigo denim, comfy crew necks and unisex graphic tees.

"I grew up wearing PacSun. I love the brands that they put all in one place," the Internet icon said in a statement. "I would go in there to find what was cool at the time, and it is still the perfect spot for finding what's cool right now. The prices are affordable, the sizing is inclusive, it's just been here [in my heart] for a really long time."

Reflecting on the messaging behind the spring campaign, Chamberlain said she's "ready to really go into 2021 strong."

"I feel like the biggest thing I'm trying to do is just be easier on myself in general and not be as judgmental of myself and be forgiving of myself. I think that I spent a lot of time analyzing myself last year, so this year, I want to kind of let go of that a little bit." 

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