We built a privacy fence so the neighbours couldn’t peer in, but everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she took matters into her own hands to prevent neighbours looking over her fence.

Ashley Gray showed how she built an extension onto her fence that would give her lawn and hot tub privacy.

In a video called “Privacy Fence DIY” she showed how she added they extended their fence up and painted it so it would blend in with their existing garden.

They then added planters to make it look attractive.

On their @thegrayhome account, she wrote: “I actually have lovely neighbours but when standing on our grass the fence was only 3/4ft.

“I know we didn’t have anyone directly looking over us but when standing on the grass or going in hot tub the fence is only 3/4ft at grass level!”

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After her transformation project, she said they now had “lots of privacy” and it was a success.

Her video has racked up over 8,000 likes and people were quick to praise her work, with one saying: “Amazing.”

Another added: “Wow so nice.”

However, some people pointed out that there could be an issue with planning permission.

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Ashley didn’t give the height of the finished product, but one person said: “You need planning permission for over 6ft in the back garden.” 

A second agreed: “this would be against bylaw where I live.”

According to BLB Soliticors: “With regard to the height of the fence, if it abuts a highway used by vehicles (or the footpath of such a highway if there is one), it cannot exceed one metre in height from ground level.

“In all other situations, a fence cannot exceed two metres in height from ground level.”

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