What Chinese Zodiac Element am I? Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth

THE last year of your lunar birth year determines your Chinese element.

There are five elements in the Chinese system that indicate the characteristics a person bears. Different elements interact in certain ways and can generate or destroy one another.

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Metal Element

The dominant characteristic for this element is righteousness.

Element strengths: courageous, ambitious, competitive, determined, independent, disciplined, focused, high morals, and high standards.

Element weaknesses: lacks communication skills, stubborn and sometimes unreasonable, judgmental, susceptible to being cruel, can mercilessly cut ties, easily jaded.

The Metal element carries the Water element (buckets and pipes).

Water Element

The dominant characteristic for this element is wisdom.

Element strengths: diplomatic, observant, empathetic, good mediator, persistent, determined, intuitive, flexible, gentle yet strong.

Element weaknesses: self-indulgent, too passive, relies on others too much, indecisive and anxious.

The Water element feeds the Wood element (plants and trees).

Wood Element

The dominant characteristic for this element is benevolence.

Element strengths: patient and understanding, warm, sociable and compassionate, flexible and adaptable, stable and practical, generous.

Element weaknesses: doesn't have a good grasp of boundaries or limits, can be too passive, yields easily under pressure, can rely on others too heavily.

The Wood element fuels the Fire element (bonfire).

Fire Element

The dominant characteristic for this element is propriety.

Element strengths: passionate and enthusiastic, creative, persuasive and charismatic, spontaneous and adventurous, always up for a challenge, warm and loving.

Element weaknesses: attention-seeking, impatient, manipulative, susceptible to mood swings, aggressive, impulsive and volatile, dislikes being alone.

The Fire element forms Earth (volcanoes, ash).

Earth Element

The dominant characteristic for this element is fidelity/honesty.

Element strengths: stable rooted and serious, practical and logical, compassionate, caring, empathetic and responsible, loyal and honest, nurturing, organized and good at planning, strong and enduring.

Element weaknesses: overprotective, stubborn, conservative, have troubles taking risks, reserved.

The Earth element contains Metal.

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