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JOE Wicks will continue his PE sessions at 9am today but won't be able to demonstrate exercises in the wake of surgery on his hand.

The Body Coach revealed he was bringing in the "hottest substitute teacher ever" to show us all how to do the workouts – his wife Rosie.

What happened to Joe Wicks?

Over the weekend Joe Wicks, who is donating the money raised from his online PE lessons to the NHS, posted a video of himself "gowned up" and waiting for an operation on his hand.

The Body Coach fractured his hand at the end of March after falling off a bike.

He admitted himself into hospital on Friday.

He said the pain from the "infection" in his hand was "throbbing and pulsating like liquid hot magma".

The 33-year-old said he was "super grateful for the health system we've got" and "the NHS people who are out here still grafting".

Joe also revealed his wife would help out in his morning workouts while he recovers.

He said: "I've just asked my lovely wife Rosie to help me on Monday morning and she's kindly agreed.

"It's well out of her comfort zone but she's my best friend and she knows how much this means to me.

"I don't want to let anyone down but I don't think I'm going to be able to demo many exercises so I'll be having Rosie on camera with me."

The Body Coach added: "I'll still lead the session and coach you through it.

"I'll just have Rosie demonstrating the moves."

What are Joe Wick's daily PE sessions?

Joe Wicks started doing his daily PE sessions after Britain's schools were closed indefinitely as the Government battles to control the spread of Covid-19.

The lessons called "PE with Joe" are streamed live on Wicks' YouTube channel at 9am, Monday to Friday.

The Body Coach TV channel has over 2million subscribers and his first episode had over a million views.

There's no need for any equipment with Wicks' lessons designed to be done in living rooms using only bodyweight.

Wicks' sessions continue to provide relief for parents who are indoors with children all day while they're off school.

Joe Wicks said in March: "It's called PE with Joe. It's a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there is no PE.

"Don't worry I've got you, I'm going to take this over and get your kids moving and feeling energised, positive, optimistic.

"It's a 30-minute session for little kids right up to secondary school. Get involved, have fun. We're gonna be doing loads of basic exercises, you don't need a lot of room. I'm looking forward to it.

"I am going to be the nation's PE teacher starting from Monday! Don't forget your PE kit."

Sharing a screenshot of some of the videos already on his channel, Joe added: "Exercise can transform the way you feel and react and interact with everyone around you."

He later shared another photo on Instagram promoting the free lessons and captioned it: "I produce so much free fitness content online and I never ask for anything in return but today I need your help.

"I need your support to help spread this online so as many parents as possible know that this is an option for them to use next week.

"Parents are going to be under pressure next week and for 30 minutes a day I can take over and inspire and energise the kids to get active, bounce around and have fun. You can even join in with the kids.

"Please share away.

"This is going to help millions of children and parents feel happier for 30 minutes and beyond everyday #PEwithJoe."

Joe also offers workouts for the elderly on his channel.

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