Where to buy the cosiest Teddy fleece bedding as the temperature plunges – including a £8 set shoppers are swearing by

WHAT better way to stay warm and cosy in the chilling weather than with fluffy teddy fleece bedding – making it that much harder to get out of bed on frosty mornings.

The toasty fabric is the ultimate weapon against the cold and Brits have been desperate to snap some up to see them through the cooler months.

But whatever your budget, or your style, we've done the hard work you and have rounded up some of the best according to shoppers – and they are all surprisingly pretty cheap.


The department store is selling the must-have bedding in berry, navy, cream, grey, charcoal, blush pink, ochre, rose pink, biscuit and peacock.

There are three sizes available, single which will set you back £16, a double which is on sale for £22, and a king size which costs £27. 

  • Teddy Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set Peacock, Dunelm, £16-£32 – buy now

Describing the range, Dunelm said: "Available in a range of colours and sizes, this duvet cover and pillowcase set from out Teddy Bear range is perfect for adding a cosy and warmth to your bedroom."

And others seem to agree as one person said: "FABULOUS this is my third set can’t be without them now for autumn."

While another said: "Super soft duvet. Washes lovely – needs no ironing. Great value for money."


  • Sleepdown Grey Soft Teddy Fleece Duvet Set Double, £15 from Wilko – buy now

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted the popular cosy bedding in Wilko recently, which is priced at just £20 for a double duvet set.

But some were thrilled to have seen them even cheaper, with one shopper bagging a set for just £15, as it's currently on sale.

Wilko describes the product as "extra soft" making it perfect to snuggle with in bed.

One person joked: "We’d never leave the bed with this on."

While a second admitted to already having one, saying: "I’ve got my one on my bed …. cosy."


  • Silent Night Teddy Fleece Duvet set double, £15, Tesco – buy here

Shoppers not long ago spotted Tesco's version for half price, meaning the fluffy bedding could be snatched up for just £12.50 for a single and £15 for a double.

According to the product description, “The Silentnight Teddy Fleece Duvet set is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy during colder months.

“The super snuggly style provides ultimate warmth and comfort to your bed.”

Although the item is currently unavailable online, let's hope shoppers can still pick some up in store.

The store even has a glow-in-the-dark version available too, which has shoppers very excited.

"Honestly its a gorgeous set," one raved on Facebook. "And actually glows in dark!"

While another said: "Brilliant cover! I bought 2 King size & four single sizes. They’re so warm and comfy. My youngest daughter can’t wait to got to bed she gets so excited – plus I can’t get her out of bed in the morning now."


Shoppers have been snapping up a range of ultra snuggly sheets, duvet sets AND blankets all available in the purse-friendly store, sharing photos of the goods on social media.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one posted a snap of a faux fur and velvet duvet set she picked up which come in white, grey, blush and charcoal.

She wrote: "Theee softest coziest bedding of dreams from b&m only £25! Faux fur on top and a soft velvet underneath with a zip instead of buttons. This is a double. This will sell out so be quick!" (sic)

Meanwhile, others have nabbed fleece fitted sheets instead which are £8 for double and £10 for king size, while the duvet covers will set you back £20 for double and £25 for king size.


Keeping in line with our budget-friendly stores, there's also a fleecy style set available at Studio from £14.99.

  • Cosy Teddy Fleece Duvet Set, £14.99 – £24.99 from Studio – buy here

The set is available in eight different colours including shades of blue, red, pink and charcoal, and also ranges from single to king size.

One happy shopper raved: "Bought this last week and wow! Best bedding ever!"

While another said: "Super comfy. Keeps you warm and cool which surprised me! Even got the kids the same bedding as we all love it so much!!"


The store not long added a new range of items to its cosy Teddy Fleece range, with prices starting from just £5. 

  • Teddy Fleece Fitted Sheet, Matalan, £8 – buy now

Shoppers can get their hands on a duvet set, which comes in plum, blush pink, grey, ochre and beige, with prices starting from just £15

You can also pick up separate pillow cases in the same shades, which cost £6 for a pack of two.

But if you wanted something a bit jazzier for your bedroom, you can also pick up sparkle Teddy Fleece bedding sets, which come in shimmering navy and cream.

  • Sparkle Teddy Fleece Duvet Cover, Matalan, £20 – buy now

The glittering duvet sets, which come with pillowcases, start from £20 for a single and go up to £30 for a king. 

Matalan is also selling Teddy Fleece fitted sheets if you wanted head-to-toe cosy bedding.

They come in grey, pink and ochre and cost £8 for a single, and go up to £12 for a double. 

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