Why ‘Netflixing’ is the answer to a healthy love life…& the Keeper Test tells you all you need to know about your lover

HOLD out for a “rock star”, don’t be afraid to fire people and always reveal company secrets – three of the principles the CEO of Netflix runs the multi-billion dollar business by.

The result – according to Reed Hastings, who has just published a book about the company’s unique culture – is a more effective and creative workforce.

But what if these principles could also be applied to relationships?

Should you hold out for a superstar? Is it time you fired your partner? Are you too secretive with your spouse?

Here, sex and relationship expert Kate Taylor shows how to Netflix your love life.

Hold out for a rock star

NETFLIX boss Hastings says it is better to hire one extraordinary employee than ten or more average workers – and why shouldn’t the same be applied to your love life?

You are wasting your time if you’re handing dates out to so-so applicants and trying to micromanage your latest no-hoper.

Step up your search for a rock star and stop falling in love with people’s potential. Set minimum must-haves and have fewer dates.

Going to the gym, volunteering or building your business – will attract superstars to you.

Never pay bonuses

HASTINGS believes people thrive on certainty.

Knowing they will be generously compensated throughout the year fuels employees’ motivation more than uncertain, performance-related “rewards”.

Are you withholding compliments for fear of looking too keen, or saving your kinkiest underwear for special occasions?

Every day doesn’t need to be like Valentine’s Day, but appreciation and affection should be standard, not treats.

Daily sprinkles of romance inspire loyalty and commitment more than occasional grand gestures.

Reveal company secrets

EMPLOYEES work best when they know what’s going on, Hastings believes, so Netflix updates staff on its plans and finances.

You might not want to upload your bank statement to your dating profile but a little more openness, about who you are and what you’re looking for, wouldn’t go amiss.

You might lose some dates but only ones whose plans wouldn’t match yours.

Honesty screens out the wrong people. Later on, being candid about your hopes and dreams helps your partner to achieve them with you.

Don't limit holidays

NETFLIX policy on staff holidays is simply: “Take some!” Leave is neither restricted nor monitored.

Instead of creating suntanned slackers, Hastings says this fosters trust and encourages employees to behave responsibly.

So instead of pouting, give your partner freedom of movement if they want a weekend with the lads.

If they don’t want to spend their free time with you, you can make decisions accordingly.

But if your partner does choose to spend their free time with you, you’ll know it’s out of adoration, not obligation.

Admit mistakes

HASTINGS has a motto: “Whisper wins and shout mistakes.”

He believes being honest about his errors raises employees’ trust in his leadership and creates an environment where they are not afraid to take risks.

White lies in your relationship might seem harmless, but over time you will be giving your partner permission to act the same way.

Come clean. Being open about your errors will reassure you that your partner loves you for who you REALLY are, rather than the person you pretend to be.

Get out clause

NETFLIX does not lock employees into endless contracts.

Instead, people are free to leave at any time. Hastings believes this creates a culture in his company where workers happily choose to stay.

In relationships, you can recreate this easy-come, easy-go atmosphere by being a partner who inspires devotion, not duty.

Maintain your independence by keeping your own friendships and interests going – and do not try to lock partners into exclusivity or commitment too soon.

Don't be afraid to fire staff

MANAGERS are encouraged to use the “keeper test” on employees. Hastings says: “If a person on your team were to quit tomorrow, would you try to change their mind?

“Or would you accept it with a little relief? If the latter, you should give them a severance package now and look for someone you’d fight to keep.”

Try the Keeper Test on your dates or partner. If they were to break up with you, would you be heartbroken?

If not, you might be better off finishing the relationship and focusing energy on finding your rock star.

Generous severance

YOU never need to be afraid of getting fired from Netflix.

Their severance packages are legendary, including paying up to four months’ salary. This creates a dignified exit.

How do your relationships usually finish? If they’re messy, consider being more Netflix next time round. This isn’t easy.

From studying MRI brain scans of people going through break-ups, scientists believe it causes withdrawal symptoms similar to addicts coming off drugs.

Ending things respectfully leaves you both with warmer memories.

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