Woman accidentally turns her garden into ‘Minecraft’ after her turf laying backfired & people are loving it

THE warmer weather has caused many home owners to tend to their gardens making it an ideal space to lounge around in during summer.

For one woman though, her idea to lay new turf backfired leaving her with a garden that many people claim resembles the popular video game Minecraft.

Concerned about how her new lawn was growing, the green-fingered woman shared a snap of her new grass online asking if she'd done something wrong when laying the turf.

She said: " Is it normal for new turf to grow at different speeds or did I do something wrong?" with the photo hilariously showing strips of grass growing at different stages.

But rather than getting the answer she'd hoped for, thousands of gardening fans in the Gardening On A Budget Facebook group gushed about the "trendy," "cool" and "modern" design that it accidentally turned out to be.

Hilariously, due to the box appearance of the grass, many compared it to Minecraft- a computer game made up of box-like graphics and shapes.

Others said it reminded them of the classic game of Tetris, which involvesblocks of different shapes and colours fitting together- much like the strips of grass in her garden.

"50 shades of grass," one person joked.

And another laughed and said: "Looks like you have been all around your street cutting strips of grass out of everyone's lawn so you can have grass in your back garden."

Others expressed how much they love the design and wondered if they could replicate it themselves – many even told her to keep the "unique" and "cool" design.

"I think it looks awesome and that it had been done on purpose," one person said.

And another said, "That is cool keep it like that."

For those who actually addressed her concern, they seem to think she was given two different types of grasscausing them to look different and grow at different speeds.

Although the Minecraft-like design was created by accident, we think she might have kicked of a new garden trend – and we are here for it.

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