Woman creates a stunning heart ornament for FREE using cardboard and sticks and people think it looks shop bought

DIY projects don't have to cost a fortune – no matter the size or time it takes. 

In fact, with a little creativity, some of the best pieces can be made for nothing at all – as Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon have shown.

Recently, Sophie Hinchcliffe, commonly known as Mrs Hinch, took to her Instagram and shared how she makes the stunning wall art using twigs from her garden, and now fans of the cleaning guru are making them too.

The best part is that they are completely free to make – so long as you already have spray paint at home – and they look absolutely stunning.

One fan shared her own version online, but tweaked it slightly with lights and crystals.

She posted in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group and said: "Heart I made from twigs from the woods, cardboard a man gave me in home bargains.

"I bought the glue for £1 I had the lights and my niece gave me the little crystals and the tin of white spray paint cost £4 and I have tons left of both the glue and the paint."

And it really is simple for anyone to make. To make the heart you simply cut out the shape you want from cardboard.

Many people are using hearts, but some are using their kids initials too.

After collecting twigs from your garden, simply glue them onto the cardboard cutout covering the entire service – then spray paint it white or whatever colour you choose.

This particular woman, though, took it up a notch and added beautiful lights that she already had laying around, which reflected beautifully off the white twigs.

While the a heart itself it completely free to make, the Londoner admitted to buying the glue and spray paint – which can be used multiple time for other DIY projects.

Members of the group loved the idea and were eager to do it themselves.

One person wrote: "I love this idea!"

While many others shared snaps of their own they'd created.

One woman wrote: "I made mine the same way but used a hot glue gun for the twigs and £1 white spray paint from Poundland I love your pattern,"

While another shared: "We did ours too with a glue gun and left over paint cost £0"

Well, we know what we're doing on out next walk.

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