Woman exposes fake body transformations by slimming her arms & making her cellulite disappear in seconds without filters

A PERSONAL trainer has exposed “fake” body transformations on Instagram by slimming down her physique in moments without using filters.

Georgia Cox shared a video of her ‘transformation’ with her 160,000 strong Instagram following after becoming sick of seeing fabricated weight loss posts on social media.

In the video, Georgia stands with her back to the camera before pulling up her underwear so that it sits higher on her hips.

She then tenses the muscles in her bum, pushes her shoulders back and breathing in, leaving her looking completely different in a matter of seconds.

Captioning her post, Georgia wrote: “Be mindful of EVERYTHING you’re consuming!

“When I first started at the gym I followed so many fitness accounts because of their amazing ‘transformations’. I believed EVERY WORD because in my mind, pictures don’t lie..right?”

She continues: “For years I GENUINELY believed that these two-week transformations were real, and they were always paired with a product that helped them 'achieve' this drastic change.

“It’s so important to be aware of the images you’re consuming and the realities behind them, there are so many factors than can COMPLETELY change how someone looks!

“Posing, angles, lighting and clothing placement will ALL contribute to the many incredible forms of our bodies, but these factors can be used against us.”

Georgia wants to encourage others to not be influenced by unrealistic “body goals.”

She says: “It breaks my heart to know there may be young women out there believing these products work like I used to, but now it’s from an image of me that is literally 10 SECONDS apart.

“NEVER let something you see online question your progress, your hard work or your body. Your progress is your own and you should be your ONLY comparison!

“Your physical and mental health deserve so much MORE than a quick fix, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

“Endeavour to fill your feed with accounts that genuinely motivate you, inspire you and empower you to be the best version of YOU, not someone else.”

He post has since gone viral receiving almost 200,000 likes and has been shared across social media as grateful followers thanked her for the video.

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