Woman makes Chanel wall light for just £20 out of foam board & people are desperate to copy

YOU don't have to spend a fortune to get the designer pieces you admire, as one woman made her own luxury wall light for just £20.

Cole Gorst wanted to replicate the Chanel logo -which famously features two interlocking C's – and used little more than foam board and creativity to do it.

The stunning light looks just like the original logo and even features the word 'Chanel' with block letters underneath it – which she picked up from Hobby Craft for £1.25.

Speaking to Fabulous Cole revealed that she bought foam boards from there too,and used them to make the C templates.

To get the perfect C shape, though, the savvy DIY-er used a mirror she had at home as a guide and it seems to have worked perfectly.

She then poked holes around the edges of each letter and weaved an old set of Christmas lights through them.

Giving it some sparkle, she decided to decorate the interlocking C's with glitter and rhinestones, before painting the letters white.

Cole shared the finished project online where it proved extremely popular with Facebook group members.

She posted a selection of photos showing off the process, as well as the finished look, attracting over 2.4k Facebook likes.

"Stunning", "brilliant" and "fantastic" are just some of the words used to describe the amazing wall feature.

Meanwhile, many suggested she make them to sell because they loved it so much.

"Oh Wow that is brilliant," one person wrote.

And another added: "You should definitely sell these."

A third said: "Wow thats some amazing talent!"

And a fourth chimed: "I love it and your very talented."

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