Woman reveals how to save £166 without even realising it – all you need is an empty tube of Smarties

A SAVVY woman has shared a genius way to save money without even realising, and all you need is an empty tube of Smarties.

Aimee Dobson shared her top tip on Facebook and revealed that the empty chocolate packaging fits £2 coins perfectly, and when full, can store a massive £166.

Posting in the group called Parents United, let’s do this together! Support, Ideas & Inspiration Hub, she said: "Did you or your kids get smarties tubes this Christmas……use to save £2 coins. They fit perfectly and one full tube = £166.

Aimee set up the group at the beginning of the first national lockdown in March to provide a place for parents to share homeschooling tips and resources for keeping their children entertained.

But now with over 5k members, it proves money-saving tips are just as welcome, and needed after Christmas, and her post proved seriously popular with people online.

Savvy parents have been raving about the clever idea which has since been shared over 6.5k times, as it's a really simple way to store loose coins so that they don't get lost.

Eventually, and particularly if you have more than one tube, you can save hundreds – without the hassle of actually putting money aside.

Many Facebook users thanked Aimee for sharing the clever hack and those with Smartie tubes laying around said they'll definitely give it a go.

"I can't believe it fits 83 coins! I've just emptied one of the kids and handed it to my husband to fill up," one person said.

And another shared: "Just put mine in the recycling will delve in the bin to get it tomorrow, good tip!"

Others called it "brilliant" and ""amazing", unable to believe how much can be saved just by saving your £2 coins.

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