Woman reveals the right way to use a bath plug and people can’t believe they never realised

A WOMAN has shared a photo of the correct way to store a bath plug – and it is blowing people’s minds online. 

While many people loop a plug chain over the tap to keep it out of the way, in the photos, the black rubber plug attaches perfectly to the drain in the bath. 

The picture was shared in the Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks, and the caption says: “25 years of living on this earth and its taken me this long to realise the structure of a plug.”

She wasn’t the only person to be baffled at the tidying hack. 

One person wrote: “I didn't either and I'm 67.”

Another added: “Never knew this just tried it shocked it works.”

Meanwhile, someone commented: “Learn something new every day.”

The post has racked up hundreds of likes, and people said they were going to try it out for themselves. 

One wrote: “Running upstairs now to try this.”

And one Facebook user tried it out for themselves and confirmed that the plug fitted in place. 

They shared a snap of their bath, and wrote: “It works!!!!!! Life changing.”

However, some people pointed out that it doesn’t actually work for every bath. 

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