Woman shows off the honeycomb shelves her bloke made for less than £15 and they look shop-bought

LOOKING for the perfect set of shelves to match your home interior can be pretty tricky – especially on a budget.

With a very specific idea in mind, one woman instead put her husband's skills to the test and revealed the incredible honeycomb shelving unit he'd created from scratch – and it looks incredible.

The shelving unit, which she has fixed to her wall, is made up of five hexagonal shapes resembling that of"honeycomb" which her husband cleverly put together.

She shared snaps of the unique design on Facebook revealing it only cost a small £15 to make – and it looks like a store bought item.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, she said: "I asked my husband to make a honeycomb shelfs. Love them.

And said they'd used leftover oak colour varnish to paint them with a total cost ofless than £15.

The photos show the finished project which works beautifully against the vibrant purple wall it's fixed to.

The woman has decorated the shelves with an array of succulents and cacti and has created a stunning little oasis in her home.

Members of the group were fans of theincredible workmanship, claiming it looks"lush" and "expensive".

One person said: "They look amazing and they look so expensive too"

And another wrote: "looks great, a lot of hard work put into this."

The abstract design has even made others want to try it themselves with one person saying: "This is amazing. I really want to try this."

While another even suggested selling similar items as they looks good good.

"You can make a good business selling crafts like that. Its awesome if you have good skills," she said.

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