Woman's shock as oven door EXPLODES and leaves shattered glass everywhere after making cakes

WE'RE the first to admit we have a love/hate relationship with our ovens – after all, they're a pain to keep clean but then we also use them everyday.

But while we've often heard of ovens overheating, one woman was left stunned when hers exploded and left shattered glass everywhere.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, the woman explained how she'd used a cream cleaner to get rid of grease on her oven door that morning.

She wrote: "I cleaned my oven earlier today. I made cakes after.

"Then tonight we made dinner. And I heard a bang and this happened!"

Luckily, no one was hurt when the oven door exploded – but the woman is confused as to how it happened and asked for advice from other members of the group.

One replied: "This happened to me I over tightened the glass too much!"

Another warned: "Small scratches from cleaning with Brillo pads etc cause the glass to break in heat."

And just to be safe, others recommended waiting 24 hours before using your oven after it's been cleaned as the harsh chemicals can weaken the glass when it heats up.

Meanwhile, a third suggested it was caused by a small crack in the door.

"This happened to me with a new oven, the guy that came to put new door on said it can be because a weakness in the glass," they wrote. "Scary when it happens tho!"

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