Women mortified as they’re all wearing their earrings wrong leaving them wonky – so are YOU?

A VIRAL meme has shocked and dismayed thousands of women after showing them that they had been doing the simple act of putting their earrings on incorrectly for years.

The meme showed the classic earring back that many of us are used to receiving when we buy jewellery, with a central metal piece surrounded by clear, see-through plastic.

The meme then showed how easily you can remove the plastic, deeming this the "correct" way to put on your earrings.

The majority of people who saw the post said they always kept the clear plastic on as they assumed it was all part of the jewellery.

Many women expressed their surprise, one even saying that at the age of 74 she was surprised she didn't already know.

Another said: "Oh this makes sense, is that why my earrings always seem crooked?"

There were however, some women who already knew about the cheeky manoeuvre.

One said: "When this first happened to me I thought I had broken my earring, then I realised it was supposed to come off easily."

Some people refuted the claim that the plastic should be removed.

One said: "This is false, the plastic is there to help support heavier earrings so they sit against the ear nicely."

While another agreed: "No, keep them on. They are there for a reason and that is to stabilise the earring if it is a bit larger or heavy. It supports the earring against the rear of your earlobe."

Some people didn't care if they were supposed to be there or not, they were resolved to keep using the plastic pieces.

One said: "I feel like it helps the earring sit higher and more snug."

Another added: "I feel more secure with it in place."

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