You have a whip-fast mind if you can spot the odd word out in this fiendish brainteaser in under five seconds | The Sun

YOU have a whip-fast mind and sharp eyesight if you can spot the rogue word in under five seconds.

This brain teaser challenges you to find the odd word in this maze of "Rang's".

The puzzling picture contains a hidden word but only those with the quickest mind can spot it in the time limit.

In this optical illusion, there are 12 rows and 11 columns, mostly consisting of the word "rang".

And your brain might trick you into thinking all the words match – but one stands out if you look closely.

To make things more difficult, you only have five seconds to quickly scan the rows and columns to find the answer.


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Many internet users have been left stumped trying to locate the pesky word but don't let this put you off beating our challenge.

Optical illusions are a fantastic way to encourage your mind to think strategically and are becoming popular daily puzzles.

So what are you waiting for? Try it now and see if you can spot the rogue word.

The test is tricky because it requires you to focus your mind quickly, and you need to use your brain power to find all the odd one out.

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So did you manage to do it?

If not, don't worry, as we've highlighted the solution to the tricky brainteaser below.

But if you need a hint – try focussing on the bottom left hand side of the image, you might see something suspicious.

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