You need to have a high IQ to spot the horse in this optical illusion in less than seven seconds | The Sun

YOU need to have a high IQ to spot the horse in this cartoon – but you only have seven seconds.

This optical illusion challenges you to locate the hidden horse in the elephant's farm.

The puzzling picture shows a grey elephant carrying a log with its twisted trunk.

Lush green bushes and a red-roofed barn also make an appearance in the mind-bending image.

Fluffy white clouds are dotted around the sky, creating a relaxing scene for the tricky challenge ahead.

But somewhere in the colourful setting is a hidden horse.


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You have seven seconds to locate it – and if you do it within the allocated time then you must a high IQ.

This optical illusion is challenging as it uses a variety of vibrant colours which may be distracting.

But don't worry if you can't spot it in time – as we'll provide the solution below.

Optical illusions and brainteasers are becoming a popular daily activity for those who are looking to test not just their eyesight, but their brainpower too.

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If you focus your eyes on the far right hand side, you may just spot something suspicious.

And once you've spotted it – you can't help but notice it afterwards.

But if this optical illusion was too easy – or too hard – for you, then why not give these fun games a go.

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