You’ve been cleaning your pots and pans all wrong – you can actually use produce to get rid of rust stains

HAVING rust on pots and pans doesn't necessarily motivate anyone to cook.

This clever hack will help get rid of any reddish – or yellowish-brown flaky coating of the gunk without the need for any over-priced rust removers.

The secret: a potato.

You read that right, potatoes are a natural option that can be used to remove rust, according toThe Daily Express.

The hack is super simple and can be used with any cookware in the kitchen.

First, you'll want to wash the rusty pot or pan to get rid of any grease or grime.

After that, cut your potato in half and dip the sliced end into either soap or baking soda.

Then use that same end to scrub all the rusty areas of your pot or pan.

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Once the potato starts withering away, cut off that portion to continue scrubbing away the rust until it's all gone.

Once that's done, all that's left to do is to dry the pan.

But this isn't the only clever hack to clean pots.

Another cleaning expert shared a super easy method to get rid of the nasty grease with hardly any scrubbing involved.

The first step was to sprinkle some salt and top it off with a good amount of baking powder.

Then pour a small amount of dish soap, cover it with a few tissues and add white vinegar.

After everything is mixed together, remove the wet tissues.

At this point, the tissues should have mopped up all the grease.

And finally, use the leftover liquid to wipe the bottom of the pan and rinse it.

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