Ziggy Chen Men’s Spring 2022

In a tribute to classical Chinese painting and the scholars portrayed therein, Ziggy Chen created a series of sketches that were reworked to people his specially created fabrics. He then crafted subtle patchworks for the layered, fluid tailoring that are his signature. These rough-hewn yet delicate textiles came to life in his video thanks to the movements of a dancer, shown through a fish-eye lens or in close-up so as to appreciate their detail and texture as they undulated.

A slubbed linen was printed with a series of blurred windows, each featuring an individual shadowy character, on one side of a reversible coat, one of the key pieces in the collection.

These characters also featured as motifs on appliqué patches, found inside duster jackets and coats, or on a pouch that doubled as a button-on pocket or shoulder bag.

Ziggy Chen Men's Spring 2022

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The mottled effect of the fabrics was accentuated this season thanks to new dying techniques. One was dyed using calligraphy ink to create a landscape effect, while another was double-dyed to create deeper nuances, seemingly marbled, in earthy tones.

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