What does the Wheel of Fortune tarot card mean?

WHEN the Wheel of Fortune card ends up in front of you during a tarot reading, it means big changes are on the way. The wheel on the card represents the cyclical nature of the universe, and the animals and symbols surrounding it are the forces that drive our lives. What does the Wheel of Fortune tarot card mean? If […]

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Dear Colleagues, Will You Please Mask Up?

My employer doesn’t require masks in the office, and most people don’t wear them — even in meeting rooms where social distancing is impossible. Still, I wear a mask, and I’d feel better if my colleagues did too. We returned to the office in June, before the Delta variant became widespread in my state and Covid infection rates were low. […]

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Can a Man Wear Mules to Work?

While some folks have sprinted out of lockdown keen to make up for lost time, a number of men have, er, shuffled back onto the streets. They are ambling, dawdling and slouching to lunches, drinks and work meetings, powered by insouciance rather than haste. They are on mule time. Their feet are shod in clogs, sabots, backless loafers, espadrilles with […]

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