This 27-Year-Old Woman Just Broke the World Record for Consecutive Days Running a Marathon

When COVID-19 began to devastate Italy earlier this year, ultramarathoner Alyssa Clark admits that she thought that being prohibited from running or walking outside seemed like a distant thought. But on March 9, 2020, everything changed. “The Italian government took fast and necessary measures to keep the rest of the country safe and shut down the whole country,” the 27-year-old—who […]

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The Apple Watch Series 5 Is $100 Cheaper Today—But Act Fast

It’s been a minute since you’ve seen people; however, even a few months spent social distancing isn’t enough to forgot how popular Apple’s eponymous watches are. It didn’t matter if you were grabbing coffee at your local café, hanging out at your co-working space, or squeezing a quick, post-office workout, it felt as if everyone and their cousin were proud […]

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Tips To Color Your Hair At Home

My past self always left coloring my hair to the pros. My naturally dark brown hair went through multiple iterations of blondes, strawberry pink tips, and even streaks of purple. Balayage became my go-to request, a technique that left my roots naturally dark while adding lighter pieces to my ends. I truthfully had no idea how to dye my hair […]

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