Want to Mix Up Your At-Home Workout? Try This Steel Mace Flow.

By now, you likely have a rhythm and schedule established for getting in your training sessions at home. But if you’re bored with your current routine and looking to switch things up to include more mobility and stability movements, it may be time to take up training with a steel mace. Onnit Steel Mace onnit.com $39.95 SHOP NOW Fitness brand […]

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10 Home CrossFit WODs You Can Do With 1 Dumbbell

Your current at-home exercise equipment situation may be pretty slim, limiting the types of workouts you can take on during quarantine. That might make matters particularly bleak if you love the typically barbell-heavy WODs associated with CrossFit, since those routines are especially dependent on gear and space. But YouTuber and CrossFit enthusiast Absolute Beast has come up with an efficient […]

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Mum left ‘livid’ when colleague told her to turn off her Zoom camera while trying to breastfeed her son and work

A MUM working from home during lockdown was left “livid” after a co-worker asked her to turn off the camera while breastfeeding on Zoom. The colleague in question took to Reddit to complain about the mum, who refused to mute herself when feeding her baby. “For work we have morning conference calls. These don’t require video even if you’re talking. […]

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