John Carpenter to Create Horror Audio Shows for Serial Box, Calls It "A New Way to Strike Fear Into the Hearts of Our Audience"

Horror maestro John Carpenter hasn’t directed a movie in more than a decade, and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon. But the director of movies like The Thing, Halloween, and The Fog is now set to explore the horror genre through a new medium: audio. Carpenter and his wife, producer Sandy King Carpenter, have signed a deal with […]

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Ray Crosby's reign of terror leads to Corrie murder mystery

He is public enemy number one and Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) is set to find himself in a killer situation as more than one life ends up on the line – and someone disappears, raising the question over whether a bloody murder has taken place. Coronation Street has been fighting the sex pest businessman and when Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) […]

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