‘Ja, ich will’: Swiss vote to legalise same-sex marriage

Geneva: Cheers rang out, hugs were exchanged and rainbow-colored flags waved overhead across Switzerland as the Swiss resoundingly voted to allow same-sex couples to marry. Official results showed the measure passed with 64.1 per cent of the vote while more than half of all voters approved in each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons, or states. The vote – years in the […]

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Coal’s demise brings a host of tough, new challenges

In 1865, renowned British economist William Stanley Jevons wrote a seminal book about his nation’s reliance on coal. “In truth [it] stands not beside but entirely above all other commodities,” he wrote. “It is the material energy of the country … the factor in everything we do. With coal almost any feat is possible or easy; without it we are […]

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Only a 'small proportion' of migrant boats will be pushed back to France, top Home Office official admits

ONLY a "small proportion" of migrant boats can be pushed back to France, the Home Office's top mandarin has admitted – as Britain is on track for another record-breaking month of crossings. Matthew Rycroft, the Department's Permanent Secretary, was also unable to say when the policy would be put into practise, during a grilling from stern MPs. He repeatedly said the manoeuvre would […]

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