10 Deals You Won’t Want to Miss For Just Jared’s 3-Day VIP Sale

When it comes to great discounts, not even our favorite stars can pass up on a chance to score an amazing item at a few dollars off. Even Lady Gaga once tweeted that she uses coupons at the grocery store and bargains at retail sometimes. 

What’s even better than a discount? A discount within a discount. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite items that you can get for 20% off the discount price with the code VIPSALE20. This deal lasts just for today, so get them while you still can!

Jawzrsize Facial Fitness

With this exercise tool, you can keep your jaw fit and get the facelift you’ve always wanted, all without going under the knife.

Buy now: Get Jawzrsize Facial Fitness for $52, or 20% off the discount price of $64.99

IPL Laser Hair Removal Headset

Save thousands of dollars on a laser hair removal procedure with this headset that’s great for all skin types. It’ll even save you the pain of waxing.

Buy now: Get the IPL Laser Hair Removal Headset for $80, or 20% off the discount price of $99.

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Bamboo Comfort Luxury Sheet Set

Enjoy the best slumber you’ve ever had with this bamboo sheet set that cools you off and keeps your skin allergy-free. And they’re eco-friendly too!

Buy now: Get the Bamboo Comfort Luxury Sheet Set for $29.60 or 20% off the discount price of $36.99

MOGICS Coconut Waterproof Light

This minimalist light self-inflates in seconds and gives you four different lighting modes that shine bright even when in water.

Buy now: Get the MOGICS Coconut Waterproof Light for $29.60, or 20% off the discount price of $36.99

BioGrit Massage Gun

Enjoy a simple, DIY massage right at home with this massage gun that gives you soothing relief and kneads your sore muscles with eight replaceable massage heads.

Buy now: Get the BioGrit Massage Gun for $112, or 20% off the discount price of $139.99

Foot Vibe Deluxe Massaging Footrest

Treat yourself to an all-round foot massage with this massaging footrest that features up to 20 speed levels and nine massage methods.

Buy now: Get the Foot Vibe Deluxe Massaging Footrest for $120, or 20% off the discount price of $149.99

Hot & Cold Cordless Massager and Cellulite Reducer

This handheld massager features a hot and cold feature that relieves aches and pains, promotes better circulation, reduces fatigue, helps reduce fat cells and cellulite, and targets hard to reach places like the lower back, neck and thighs.

Buy now: Get the Hot and Cold Massager for $52, a 20% discount off the price drop of $64.99

Nicole Miller Resistance Bands

Improve your balance, gait function and flexibility with these three resistance bands that put your stamina and endurance to the test to give you a full-body workout.

Buy now: Get the Nicole Miller Resistance bands (3-Piece Set) for $13.60, or 20% off the discount price of $16.99.

Ultimate Spin Daily Cleansing Facial System

Flaunt your best skin with this device that uses a gentle, rotating micro-massage to cleanse and reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines on your face.

Buy now: Get the Ultimate Spin Cleansing Facial System for $26.40, or 20% off the discount price of $32.99

glowup. Personalized Teeth Whitening Kit Voucher

glowup. is giving you a chance to take a personalized quiz online with this voucher, and with the results, you’ll get a teeth whitening solution that’s designed to suit your dental needs!

Buy now: Get the glowup. teeth whitening voucher for $40, or 20% off the discount price of $49.99

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