5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your College Living Space in 2020

Whether you’re living that dorm life or remote learning life, it’s nice to have a space of your own that feels uniquely you.

Here are five fun and easy ways to spice up your college living space in 2020, and even if you are learning from home, it doesn’t hurt to do some redecorating. 

1. New Sheets —The Bamboo 4-Piece Smart Pocket Sheets are a game-changer for sleep. These soft, bamboo blend sheets are ultra-comfortable, and also have built-in side pockets for storing your smartphone, eyeglasses, TV remote, etc. Get them now for only $32.99, saving 66% off the original MSRP of $99!

2. Interesting, Cool Art — Bare walls can be boring and sterile. Add Ivan Ballack’s white-framed “Pop Stick” print to your room for an immediate pop of color. It’s only $55.95, and you’ll be saving 18% off its original price of $69!

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones — These TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones are must-haves for listening to your favorite tunes. They’re also on sale for only $78.99, a whopping 69% off from $259! 

4. Sanitizing Lamp & Wireless Charger —This is needed now more than ever. Sanitize your phone in 15 minutes with UV light while charging its battery with the Sinji UV Sterilizer Charger. Save 20% and only pay $39.99 instead of $49!

5. New Backpack —Your backpack has probably seen better days. Get an upgraded version with the Johnny Fly Rolltop Backpack. Strong, durable, and timelessly stylish, it features compartments that fit all your essentials. Save 20% and get it for $224 as opposed to its original price of $280!

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