Adil Ray awkwardly probes GMB co-host Susanna Reid asking ‘Never been married?’

GMB: Adil Ray quizzes Susanna Reid on why she isn’t married

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During a discussion on Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid, 50, spoke candidly about her decision not to marry. It comes following claims she and ex Steve Parish are on good terms again.

Is your reason for not getting married similar to what Jenny was saying at the beginning? Just not really against the idea of marriage?

Adil Ray

The GMB hosts spoke to Jeni Barnett, 72, and Debbie McGee, 62, following the news that mothers of both the bride and groom can now be listed on marriage certificates of their children.

Previously, only the father of those tying the knot had been listed – a rule that had been in place since 1837.

While both Jeni and Debbie have both said “I do” to their other halves, Susanna revealed her reason for not walking down the aisle, before adding that it was a topic not to be discussed on breakfast television.

Susanna’s revelation comes just weeks after she was seen enjoying a night out at a fancy south-west London restaurant with her on/off boyfriend, Crystal Palace chairman, Steve Parish, 56.

Speaking of her relationship status, Susanna said: “Never been married.”

Intrigued, her co-anchor Adil Ray, 47, asked: “Never been married?”

Confirming her declaration, Susanna went on to add: “No” before looking down the lens of the camera, saying: “I’d just like to say to the children, you are not illegitimate, whatever the convention says.”

Susanna shares sons Sam, 19, Finn, 17, and Jack, 16, with ex-partner, Dominic Cotton, whom she dated from 1998 to 2004.

Hoping to get more out of her, Adil went on to say: “Is your reason for not getting married similar to what Jenny was saying at the beginning? Just not really against the idea of marriage?”

“Just a personal choice, just a personal choice,” replied Susanna.

Adil quipped: “That’s all we’re going to get out of her I think, we’re not getting any more – no personal questions.”

Earlier in the discussion, Susanna claimed that it was an “old fashioned idea” that children are illegitimate if born out of wedlock.

Speaking of the decision to marry, Jeni said: “I think tradition is being turned on its head, all us old feminists are saying it’s okay to be married but you have to be who you are and remain who you are, you’re not a chattel.”

The television presenter went on to add that she had only married after having her daughter Bethany, with husband Jim Bywater following an 11-year relationship.

Jeni revealed that her decision to marry Jim was so that their child would be “legitimate”.

“It’s an old fashioned idea that you’re children aren’t legitimate if you’re not married,” Susanna quipped.

However, after Jeni admitting that she felt “trapped” and refused to wear her wedding ring for six months, Debbie insisted that weddings were not sexist.

“So much has changed, I think it’s great – a lot of people still get married because of different laws. 

“I think it’s our laws that need changing so people don’t think they need to get married, so they don’t have inheritance tax or as Jeni said, to do with her children.”

The widow of Paul Daniels added: “I think it should be just showing this is the one I love over anyone else, I don’t think it should be about what other people are thinking, it’s between two people.”

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