‘After’ Star Inanna Sarkis & Boyfriend Matthew Noszka Are Expecting Their First Baby!

Congrats are in order for Inanna Sarkis and Matthew Noszka – they’re having a baby!

The After actress and Let It Snow actor announced the big news on their Instagram and opened up to Vogue magazine about the pregnancy.

“It was a roller coaster of emotions,” Inanna shares of finding out she was expecting. “Excitement mixed with anxiety and fear of whether we would be ready to be parents or not. After a lot of tears and deep conversations, we realized how perfect of a time it really was to start a family.”

She added that not having her family by her side to tell them in person hit her hard, as was going to the doctor’s to confirm without Matthew amid the pandemic.

“Matthew wasn’t allowed into some important doctor visits and it broke our hearts,” she added. “It’s been a crazy past few months, but we’ve managed to stay positive and find light in every situation.”

Inanna went on, revealing she’s looking forward to the big little moments with her baby.

“I’m looking forward to teaching my little one all the things I’ve learned over the years,” she said. “I can’t wait to see them take their first steps, or say their first words. I’m so excited to be that annoying mom that embarrasses their kid because she wants to capture every moment!”

Congrats to Inanna and Matthew!

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