Alan Titchmarsh: Love Your Weekend host opens on ‘frustrating and hard’ health setback

Alan Titchmarsh discusses the benefits of gardening in lockdown

Alan Titchmarsh has said he found relying on other people to help him after he broke his ankle both “frustrating” and “hard”. The 71-year-old sustained the injury in September last year after slipping on some wet grass.

The gardener, who lost a stone in weight before his accident, said he was “very cross” with himself, as he had put some of the weight back on after finding himself unable to work with his injury.

The father-of-two opened up about his frustrations and weight gain in a new interview with Radio Times Magazine.

He told the publication that he was always on the move and was losing weight before his setback.

Alan also admitted that he wasn’t the best patient and found it “really hard” to be looked after by others.

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“I was doing up to 26,000 steps a day and eating like a horse, but still losing weight because I was doing all the manual work,” he explained.

Alan revealed he had to use crutches for six weeks from the beginning of September.

Unfortunately, his immobility caused the pounds to pile back on.

“I’ve put half a stone back on, which made me very cross because I was determined to keep it off,” the TV star said.

He went on to say that he did not cope well when he was forced to rest.

“It was very frustrating because you can’t even carry a cup of tea,” he said.

“I found having to rely on somebody else doing absolutely everything for me really hard.

“I’m not a terribly good patient; I don’t do ill,” the broadcaster remarked.

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The Love Your Weekend host said being at home and in his garden had reinforced what he already knew, that land is very important to him.

With his programmes, he hopes to encourage others to cherish nature as well.

Alan was able to film his ITV show last year, despite the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

He said he was “really pleased” that the team have been able to carry on doing to show.

The Sunday morning programme celebrates the British countryside and shines a light on arts, crafts, manufacturing and produce.

It also features celebrity guests and wildlife experts as well as tips to make the most of viewers’ own spaces, no matter how big or small.

Love Your Weekend is on Sun 10am ITV.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

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