Alyson Hannigan Hesitant to Let Oldest Daughter Watch ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

The Willow Rosenberg depicter admits she is still unsure as 11-year-old daughter Satyana keeps begging her to let her watch the classic supernatural drama series.

AceShowbizAlyson Hannigan‘s 11-year-old daughter keeps pleading with her to let her watch “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“.

The actress starred as Willow Rosenberg in seven seasons of the show between 1997 and 2003. And while her eldest daughter Satyana is nearing the age Alyson might consider letting her watch the show, she’s unsure about certain aspects and storylines.

“My older daughter keeps asking how old she has to be before she can watch it and I’m not giving her an actual answer, but we’re also just sort of like really cautious about what they watch,” she told TooFab of Satyana and Keeva, eight, who she shares with husband Alexis Denisof.

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“I guess I’m just being pretty overprotective, but obviously I want them to watch it. I feel like they should be older still,” she added, before admitting she definitely wouldn’t be letting her girls watch the ‘Dark Willow’ sinister storyline in the sixth season – when Willow embraced her dark witch powers.

And some of her character’s costumes are also somewhat inappropriate for her children to see, as she laughed about dressing as a dominatrix in the episodes “The Wish” and “Dopplegangland”. “Now imagine that I’m your mom. That’s going to maybe be a little weird!”

In 2018, creator Joss Whedon announced a plan to reboot Buffy with a black actress taking over the titular role. Alyson offered her support for the project back then, “I have no idea. I feel like it’s far down the road. But we’ll see. As long as Joss is involved, it’ll be good. I’m sure.”

Last year, the actress joined an online debate on who should date Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Alyson tweeted, “Actually Buffy should have dated Willow,” as she referred to her character who came out as a lesbian on the series.

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