American Song Contest, Inspired by Eurovision, Will Premiere Next Year!

It was just announced that the Eurovision Song Contest is heading to the United States!

The first-ever American Song Contest will be premiering during the 2021 holiday season. The show “will welcome musical artists and bands from each of the 50 states and across every musical genre, to perform all original songs on the live televised event.”

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most popular televised events in the world and over 200 million people tune in each year. The American version will be welcoming both amateur artists and stars who already have huge careers.

“Imagine if music was an Olympic sport and artists from all over the world came together to compete for the gold. That’s the Eurovision Song Contest. The American version will be different than anything seen before on U.S. television, marrying the fanfare and excitement of March Madness and the NFL playoffs with the artistry and beauty of world-class performances,” the event’s producers said in a statement. “The American Song Contest is a competition that happens to be televised, rather than a contest created to make a television show. And it’s open to all singers with a song, whether they are amateur artists or already signed to a major record label. No one is excluded from the competition.”

The representatives of each state can be either solo artists, duos or bands with up to 6 members. The format, as it is currently conceived, will position the artists head to head against other states’ representatives in a series of 5-10 televised Qualifier Competitions, leading to Semi-Finals and the ultimate primetime Grand Finale March Madness style. More details will be released soon.

Netflix recently released a fictional movie about the Eurovision Song Contest, starring Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell.

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