Amy Grant Undergoes Open-Heart Surgery To Correct Rare Condition

Contemporary Christian musician Amy Grant recently underwent open-heart surgery to obtain treatment for a heart condition from which she has been suffering since birth.

The singer’s publicist, Velvet Kelm, confirmed that Grant’s doctor reported that the surgery “couldn’t have gone better” and that they are “praying for a full and easy recovery over the next days, weeks and months to come.”

Termed partial anomalous pulmonary venous, the condition is a defect present at birth, “in which some of the pulmonary veins carrying blood from the lungs to the heart flow into other blood vessels or into the heart’s upper right chamber, instead of correctly entering the heart’s upper left chamber,” which “causes some oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to mix with oxygen-poor blood before entering the right atrium.”

The singer’s doctors identified the condition earlier this year and though she didn’t share the diagnosis with her fans at the time, Grant assured them that it was “fixable” and encouraged them to take care of their hearts.

(Photo: Angela George)

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