Ana de Armas moved in with Ben Affleck, has put her Venice home on the market

During Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s on-off years we would get constant updates on whether they were back together and how they were coparenting. I assumed that Jennifer Garner’s side was the one leaking to the celebrity-friendly press. Now that I’m seeing Ben and Ana de Armas’ relationship play out I think Ben was mostly behind their divorce PR.

Getting to this story, we’re hearing that Ana has moved in with Ben and is selling her Venice home. I thought she rented that place, but turns out she bought it. This is not the first time we’ve heard that Ana moved in with Ben. In August a photo agency reported that Ana was moving in and People reported that like it had already happened. Then in September we heard that Ana was just about to move in with Ben and that an engagement was imminent. They’re definitely cohabitating now that they’re back in LA after working on their film in New Orleans. People Magazine has the story along with some insider quotes. They were first spotted together in March, although they were probably dating before that.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are taking the next step in their relationship.

The Knives Out actress has moved into Affleck’s Los Angeles home after placing her Venice, California, home on the market, a source tells PEOPLE.

A friend of Affleck also says “their relationship continues to be strong.”

The news comes as de Armas, 32, was seen with Affleck, 48, shopping a day before Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. The couple was busy doing reshoots for their film Deep Water in New Orleans but they returned to the city to celebrate the holiday together with Affleck’s three children, whom he shares with ex Jennifer Garner.

De Armas has been spotted frequently visiting Affleck at his home in the last few months while adhering to social distancing guidelines. The actress has even spent time with Affleck’s kids when they spend time with their father.

[From People]

People filled out this story with past quotes they were fed about Afflarmas’ relationship (remember how Ana was a stabilizing force in Ben’s sobriety? That was in E!, but still) and ended with a mildly shady reference to that time Ana put a cutout of herself on Ben’s lawn. That was insane that she did that. They’ve definitely toned down the outings together. There are new photos of them out going to a park and to the mall with Ben’s kids last weekend, but they’re exclusive so we don’t have access to them. Several agencies had these photos of Ana (in the white shirt) on Friday. She went for a walk with two friends and none of them wore masks, although I didn’t see them all clustered together or anything. Note how People includes the details that Ana adheres to social distancing. She was wearing a mask out with his kids, which is progress.

Do you think Ben and Ana will get engaged? Before it happens we’ll see stories about it. I’m thinking in the spring sometime.

Photos credit: Backgrid. All of these photos are older except for the one of Ana in the white shirt

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