Anthea Turner opens up on ‘feud’ with Eamonn Holmes and says she’s still ‘hurt’

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Anthea Turner has opened up on her so-called “feud” with fellow TV presenter Eamonn Holmes, saying she was made out to be a “ruthless person”.

The presenter, 61, co-hosted ITV’s GMTV with Eamonn, also 61, from 1994 to 1996, with reports suggesting at the time that Eamonn threatened to leave the show if Anthea didn’t leave.

She has now reflected on the situation, saying she was made out to be “difficult”, telling The Sun: “Revenge is a dish best served sweet. Best of all, I’m still here. I thought it was sad.

“I just wanted to do the job I enjoyed, but unfortunately the roles have to be labelled.”

She added: “I was always asked if I was ambitious and, if I said yes, I was made out to be a ruthless person who would walk over anybody to get where I wanted. It would be said that I was hormonal, or I was stamping my feet.”

Anthea continued: “And yet ask that question to a man, and if he’s ambitious, we think, ‘What a guy’. You’d never hear anyone say that about Eamonn or Phillip Schofield. No, they’re just doing their job.’”

"Nobody likes injustice, nobody wants to be misrepresented. It hurts, it really hurts."

It was reported at the time that This Morning star Eamonn referred to Anthea as “Princess Tippy Toes” in an interview before she quit the show.

"I was gutted. What he did hurt me terribly. I'd be lying if I said it didn't," Anthea told The Mirror at the time.

"I never was and never wanted to be a rival to Eamonn. Maybe he didn't understand that. He is an excellent journalist and he is well respected for that. I was never any threat to him."

Eamonn later confirmed that they had made amends and put the apparent feud in the past.

"We have put the past behind us. It is nice that we are at a stage in our lives when we can finally do just that," he said.

"You are an ex of mine and we're on good terms, some people think we hate each other!" Eamonn joked, referring to their partnership.

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