Ari Fletcher Says She Wants to Date Another Woman Amid MoneyBagg Yo Romance

Although she is ‘strongly considering’ a polyamorous relationship with the rapper, the social media personality makes it clear that she does not want him to catch feelings with her future girlfriend.

AceShowbizAri Fletcher may be close to having a polyamorous relationship with MoneyBagg Yo. Despite dating the “Said Sum” rapper, the social media personality admitted that she wants to date another woman.

Ari made the confession when appearing on Angela Yee‘s “Lip Service” podcast. “I’m really into girls. On my own, like, I don’t have threesomes because that’s what [Bagg] wants to do. Like, that’s what I wanna do. I really like women, I’m into women. I’ve been in a real relationship with a girl for three years and had sex with numerous women,” she first divulged.

When Angela mentioned that one of her co-hosts is considering a polyamorous relationship, Ari claimed that it is something she has also been “strongly considering.” She further elaborated, “I wanna be the girlfriend and she’s my girlfriend and just fun for him.”

The 26-year-old went on to note that she doesn’t want her boyfriend to catch feelings. “I don’t want him to like her for real unless it’s sexual,” she pointed out.

Less than a month prior, Ari gushed over her romance with Moneybagg. “We don’t have like, a toxic thing where we like… We like to talk about everything. Like, I’m mad, this is why I’m mad, and this is what needs to happen moving forward so this don’t make me mad no more,” she said on “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast.

“We’re like real adults – it’s weird. I’ve never been like this before,” Ari continued, before admitting that she used to be a “toxic” girlfriend for her previous partners. She revealed that she used to want men to pull their gun out when she tried to leave.

Unfortunately, Ari came under fire over her revelation. Among those slamming her was Apple Watts, who raged, “Ari, like, you’re beautiful, but b***h! Humble yourself… ‘Nobody cares, nobody cares.’ I’m with the gangster s**t, right? I’m like yeah, that turn me on. Choke me. But I’m the b***h to choke a n***a, I’m the b***h to pull the burner out, but baby girl! Why you gotta be so stuck up?”

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