Ashley Martson: I’m Divorcing Jay for the THIRD Time!

Late this summer, Ashley Martson once again broke up with Jay Smith after Jay cheated again.

That was Jay’s fifth time cheating (and getting caught). Now, Ashley has formally filed for divorce … for the third time.

Ashley Martson opened up to In Touch Weekly about her third and hopefully final divorce filing.

“It was done months ago,” Ashley reveals. Notably, she announced their split on September 19 of 2020.

Of course, whether this divorce filing is any more successful than the past two may be up to Jay at this point.

“[It] should be finalized in February 2021 if Jay signs,” Ashley shares.

Notably, he dragged his feet for both earlier filings — at one point even signing the papers but getting the date wrong, rendering the documents void in an act of deliberate sabotage.

As Ashley explains, she has a grueling wait ahead of her.

“We have a 90-day waiting period until it can be final,” Ashley describes.

She also explains that she unfortunately “had a hard time getting him served.”

“So,” Ashley reasons, “that’s why it states that it was reinstated in November.”

Ashley actually filed the divorce paperwork on October 23, just over a month after announcing their split to the world.

“I just want a divorce,” Ashley expresses, “and him out of my life forever.”

She goes on to describe her three-year marriage to Jay as the “biggest mistake of my life that I’ll regret forever.”:

An inside source close to Ashley opened up to Us Weekly about what the 90 Day Fiance alum is up to these days.

According to this insider, Ashley currently “is focused on her kids.”

“And,” the source continues, the 34-year-old mother of two “is trying to heal from the messy divorce.”

If Ashley had trouble getting Jay served with divorce papers, it likely means that he was going above and beyond to avoid receiving the filings.

This would seem to indicate that he is once again dragging his heels in order to remain married to Ashley, and is unlikely to cooperate despite Ashley’s optimistic statement.

At the end of the day, Jay finds being married to Ashley too convenient. Just a few months ago, she bought him his own tattoo shop, but it seems that it’s still not enough to satisfy him.

Ashley and Jay split in September.

Though Ashley initially blamed herself for not being able to “overlook” Jay’s past wrongdoings, she eventually confessed the unsurprising truth.

Notorious cheater Jay had once again cheated on her. It would have been more shocking if he hadn’t cheated on her, quite frankly.

The two had reconciled in March of 2020, stunning fans and castmates alike with a TikTok challenge to announce the news.

They weren’t just sheltering in place together, either — they were giving their marriage another shot.

Ashley and Jay made business plans together and spoke about their future as a couple. They lasted long enough to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

Before that unwise reconciliation, Ashley had been fighting fiercely to divorce Jay.

In fact, in November of 2019, we at THG exclusively reported on Ashley’s announcement — that Jay had signed the divorce papers.

But that turned out to be, as we described above, a trick. Jay used every trick that he knew to drag things out. Let’s hope that, this time, he gives Ashley the peace and closure that she is begging for.

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