Balthazar Getty Reveals His Battle With Coronavirus

Balthazar Getty is getting candid about his diagnosis.

The 45-year-old Lord of the Flies actor and DJ revealed he tested positive for coronavirus in March, People reported Friday (October 16).

He isn’t sure when he first became infected, but he was diagnosed upon returning from a trip to Milan, Italy to Los Angeles, and has since recovered and continues to test positive for antibodies.

“I was a bit luckier in terms of my symptoms. I didn’t have a terrible time nor a horrible cough,” saying he spent less than a week on bed rest.

“I didn’t need to be hospitalized. I was incredibly lucky in terms of that, but I did suffer quite a bit.”

He also said he spent two weeks in quarantine in an extra bedroom where he dealt with cold sweats, body aches and a fever that reached 101.5 degrees.

“My wife and my kids were really frightened. Since I didn’t have those extreme conditions, I was feeling a little bit more optimistic, but still really frightened. And there was so much, and there’s still so much unknown,” he said.

“Many families just don’t have that space. And people are sharing rooms and sharing smaller spaces, which makes it much more dangerous. It’s still where people are contracting COVID the most, is in their homes.”

All of these celebrities also tested positive for coronavirus.

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